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Chockit Muffiness
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Hello, my name is Rea.

I don't bite! Feel free to talk to me! :meow:

:heart: :icontirrelliandreamer::iconqueenofdorkdom: :heart:

:heart: Chockit MuffinessxRainbow Cakey icons by QueenOfDorkdom :heart:



Nephthys by TirrellianDreamer
I can finally say that I'm happy with Nephy's design. I finally feel like this is the Nephy I always saw in my head.
And yeah, I changed a few things because I wasn't 100% happy with her design. Her hair's now shorter and I removed these ring accessories for her hair and replaced them with something else.

Anyway, here's Nephy!

Name: Nephthys ( [Nef-Tiss] )
Nicknames: Nephy (by everyone), Habibti (Khalid)

Age: +500
Gender: female
Birthday: July, 30
Species: Jackal
Hair color: Black
Eye color: Gold
Height: 1,69m (5’6”)
Weight: 57kg

Sexuality: Straight
Residence: Tirrelle
Origin: Egypt
Job/Activity: Guardian Number 5

Blood-related: Her parents and 5 siblings (names unknown)  

Other: Love interest: Khalid (but she denies it)

Friends: The guardians, especially Khalid; Oleg, Aingeal
Rivals: -

Abilities: Martial arts

Personality: loud, self-confident, energetic, enthusiastic, playful, sometimes really hyper

Characteristics: Nephy often acts like a child who enjoys running around and being silly.

Habits: she gets really loud when she’s excited

Strengths: she knows how to cheer people up, she’s not the strongest but really fast and her techniques are really good. She knows where to hit people if she wants to paralyze them.

Weaknesses: She has a really short attention span.

Likes: Food, nice weather, going to the gym, parties and dancing

Dislikes: Books, people who don’t smile, being underestimated, killjoys, silence and boredom

Fears: Scorpions

Quotes: “Boy, I’m hungry… I could eat a whole camel.”
“Look at all these boring people sitting around reading books… urgh… PLEASE let’s do SOMETHING! I’m BORED!”

“N-no, wait I got a better joke! *laughs* It’s so funny! I can’t- *laughs harder* Holy Ra, I can’t do this! K-Khalid, please tell them what you just told me! *can’t stop laughing*”


Past: According to Nephy, she lived a really boring and uneventful life in one of the pyramids. She had to read all day and study ancient methods and medicine even though she absolutely hates reading. She realized she needed physical challenges so she snuck out and trained a lot.

Current life: Nephy met the Tirrellians and decided to go with them in order to escape her boring life. She wanted to focus on the things she wants to do and find out how strong she really is. After meeting the guardians and spending a few weeks in Tirrelle, she officially became the 5th guardian and promised to protect Tirrelle because she finally felt like she was needed.

Random facts: She was named after Nephthys, the goddess of death and mother of Anubis.
The symbol on her belt is the letter "n"
No, she doesn't have a tail. She tells everyone she had it removed because it was one of her weakspots.
I originally wanted only 2 guardians; a golem and a sphinx (...yes, I wanted Nephy to be a Sphinx) but then I had way too many ideas so I decided to create more than two guardians and Nephy became a Jackal.

Preview: Tirrellian Guardians by TirrellianDreamer
Preview: Tirrellian Guardians
Just a random preview. :3
I will upload their refs as soon as possible!

2. Isaak
3. H'Oyo
4. Zotiles
5. Nephy
6. Khalid
7. Svan
8. Rhadon
Color Meme III by TirrellianDreamer
Color Meme III
It's been a while.

Neion, Eva, Callista, Nephy and Feo belong to me
Destiny belongs to QueenOfDorkdom

Meme can be found here:
We are one by TirrellianDreamer
We are one
"I still cannot describe the feeling I had when I saw her for the first time. We didn't say anything - we just stared at each other. But we knew we were connected. We knew that we were one."

Naoko and Okano (c) Me


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