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Chockit Muffiness
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Hello, my name is Rea.

I don't bite! Feel free to talk to me! :meow:

:heart: :icontirrelliandreamer::iconqueenofdorkdom: :heart:

:heart: Chockit MuffinessxRainbow Cakey icons by QueenOfDorkdom :heart:



Oleg by TirrellianDreamer

Here's my favorite dork! :D

Name: Oleg Alexei Bogdanow

Nicknames:  Snowflake

Age: +100

Gender: male

Birthday: April 1, 1912
Species: Fahryll
Hair color: White

Eye color: Blue
Height:  1,80m (6ft)
Weight:  80kg

Sexuality: straight

Residence: Tirrelle

Origin: Russia/ Soviet Union
Job/Activity: before he became the queen’s assistant he was a fisherman

Blood-related: Olga and Dimitri (parents), Loretta (daughter)

Other: Fiore (wife), Ashton (adopted son), Mei (“adopted sister”), Ain (“adopted brother”)

Friends: Isaak, Aingeal, Bianca, Jake, Riki
Rivals: Jeff (however, they CAN get along. They're just too stubborn)

Abilities: -

Personality: self-confident, stubborn, loud, energetic, rebellious, easygoing and hardheaded

Characteristics: His GRIN. :D And his laugh. He walks with his head up and you often find him whistling when he's walking. Unlike the other Fahryll, he has body parts of three different animals (bat wings, three rat tails and tiger feet). Hexen explained that it's because Oleg is unbalanced.
Habits: being extremely critical. And sometimes he takes things too seriously.

Strengths: He’s very protective and a good listener. He’s also very athletic and one of Tirrelle’s best dancers.
Weaknesses: his jealousy and stubbornness. Sometimes he acts without thinking first and then does something stupid

Likes: dancing, drinking, fishing, making people smile, sports
Dislikes: people who take everything too seriously, duties and killjoys

Fears: volcanos, shadow demons, being alone


"I'm so broke now you can call me Brokeleg."

"Yeah, I know I'm pretty awesome!"

But your heart couldn't fit through the door because it's too big~!"

Story: Oleg was a prisoner when The Hare and Hexen asked him to find the heir to the throne and promised to reward him with freedom and gold. He traveled through various worlds until he found Riki and convinced her to return to Tirrelle with him. On the way he developed a crush on her, but he got rejected when he tried to kiss her and then he kept his feelings for himself. When Riki's husband, Jeff, arrived in Tirrelle as well, Oleg got jealous and often started a fight. After getting his heart broken by her again, he sought his close friend Bianca's advice and she helped him get to know her friend Llamb better. It took him some time, but she helped him get over his broken heart and he and Llamb fell in love.
After Oleg and Riki made up, she asked him to quit his job and become her assistant instead. He now lives in the castle.

Past: Oleg was born in Russia and grew up in the Soviet Union. When he was 25 he married his childhood friend Anastasia, however, Oleg wasn't happy and he thought he couldn't love her as much as she loved him. And when she announced that she was pregnant it was too late for him to tell her the truth. Anastasia gave birth to a stillborn baby and was heartbroken and depressiv. Years later, Oleg had to flee because he was a critic and rebel, who demonstrated against the Soviet Union and people were sent to capture him. He and his wife took the next train and when he recognized one of them in the same train, he grabbed his wife's hand, ran outside and told her to jump off the moving train. He assured her that they wouldn't get hurt because of the snow. Their persecutor found them and shot Anastasia and then Oleg too. He fell and landed on the snow and passed away.
He opened his eyes when he heard an unfamiliar voice. It was a creature that called himself a "Fahryll" and he took Oleg's hand and led him through a dark tunnel towards a bright light and when they reached the end of the tunnel, Oleg noticed that his body changed. He was now a Fahryll, living in a world called Tirrelle.
Years after he finally settled in, he met a young woman called Yeliz. She was blind and mute but that didn't stop them from talking to each other in their own way. He taught her how to write and read and they met regularly, until one day he found out that she got married to someone else.
After the horrible incidents in Tirrelle, he was one of the last survivors on the abandoned island and he was found and saved by a girl called Bianca. They moved together and started dating after a short while. However, their friendship was stronger and they decided to end their relationship and be friends instead. She left Tirrelle because she wanted to find her brother and Oleg stayed in Tirrelle. He couldn't stand Akarca's tyranny and instead of obeying, he broke several rules and was thrown in prison.

Random facts: There’s a big scar on his left calf but he hides it by wearing bandages.
QueenOfDorkdom and often misspell his name on purpose. You'll often see us call him Oreg, Ogel, Lego and more.

Oleg, Isaak, Aingeal, Riki, The Hare, Hexen, Yeliz, Mei and Ain (c) Me
Bianca, Jeff, Fiore, Ashton, Loretta (c) QueenOfDorkdom

Happily Ever After by TirrellianDreamer
Happily Ever After
Inspired by that super old drawing of Story and Yeliz I'm going to redo as soon as I can. sidhasuid

Anyway, have some friendship, cuteness and luv.

Fiore belongs to QueenOfDorkdom
Riki belongs to me
Modern-day AU by TirrellianDreamer
Modern-day AU
Just some quick drawings of my Top 3.
I just wanted to see what they would look like as humans >> <<

(will probably be moved to scraps later!)

Oleg, Balthasar and Riki (c) Me

(Mature Content because of his story. Just in case!)

Name: Rhadon Aensiz

Nicknames: “Puppet master”, “Storyteller”

Age: +70

Gender: Male.

Birthday: Unknown 
Species: Unknown
Hair color: White

Eye color: Blue
Height: Unknown
Weight: Unknown

Measurements:  -

Sexuality: Asexual
Residence: Eylem, which is now a part of Tirrelle
Job/Activity: 8th Guardian of Tirrelle, Ruler of Eylem

Blood-related: Unknown

Other: His “children”, the shadow demons, Story (his beloved), Eylem (his wife – deceased)

Friends: -

Abilities: He can use his magic for anything, but only if his shadow demons managed to capture enough souls for him. He can grant wishes when he gets something in return.

Personality: Quiet, uncommunicative, tense

Characteristics: Talking is very difficult for him. He can only speak with a lot of effort, that’s why he communicates telepathically with his family. The shadow demons Yukalu and Okano often translate what he said.
He can’t walk either, he floats and for a short time you see a trail of smoke wherever he was. Everyone who makes a pact with him gets “the mark of Rhadon” somewhere on their body and it cannot be removed.

Habits: Unknown

Strengths: He can use powerful magic

Weaknesses: He is physically very weak and he can’t touch anything that is made of light

Likes: His home, silence, spending time with his family

Dislikes: Intruders

Fears: the destruction of his world and family


Not much is known about what Rhadon is and where he came from. Akarca found him and his wife Eylem hiding in the woods and let them stay in his house. He knew what kind of creature Rhadon was and he needed his powers so in return he gave him and his wife everything they needed to survive. After Akarca didn’t need them anymore, he sold them to a kingdom in another world, where they were kept as slaves. Since the people in that kingdom didn’t know that Rhadon can only grant wishes if he gets something in return, they believed that he and Eylem refused to help them so they tortured them. Eylem passed away right before Rhadon’s eyes and his legs got chopped off after he tried to kill one of the guards and escape. One day a man called Vulcan broke into the dungeon and freed some of the prisoners and then Rhadon too, who tried to attack him out of fear. But Vulcan assured him that he won’t hurt him and that he’s finally free now. After a while they met again and Vulcan asked Rhadon to protect his daughters. It’s unknown what Vulcan offered him in return, but he was never seen again. Rhadon found the two girls and took their shadows to create Yukalu and Okano and brought them to a world he created for himself, where the very first shadow Nulcav was waiting. After taking more shadows and creating more shadow demons, he sent them to collect souls for him because they’re his source of energy and ever since, people fear him and his demons. Many years later he returned to Tirrelle to take revenge on Akarca but it was only when he met Story that he finally found his inner peace.

Current life: He lives in Eylem and spends most of his time there. Even though he became a guardian of Tirrelle, you never see him there. He said that he will only come out in emergencies.  

Random facts:  Many years ago, my chemistry teacher talked about the element radon and I liked how it sounded and decided to name my next character Rhadon.
He was originally a very tall man but I liked the idea of the flowing creature more, so I saved the tall man idea later for The Hare.

 Story (c) QueenOfDorkdom

Big Girls Cry by TirrellianDreamer
Big Girls Cry
I may cry, ruining my makeup
Wash away all the things you've taken
I don't care if I don't look pretty
Big girls cry when their hearts are breaking

Tough girl
I'm in pain
It's lonely at the top
Blackouts and airplanes
I still pour you a glass of champagne
I'm a tough girl
Whose soul aches

I'm in love with Sia's album 1000 Forms of Fear. It's really inspiring and after roleplaying with my wife and listening to "Big Girls Cry" I felt like drawing this.
And holy fish, when I look at this piece and the drawing of Elia from 2012 I actually see improvement. HNNNNNNGH. FEELS GOOD MAN.
I just realized that every time I draw adult Elia she's sad. I MUST CHANGE THAT AND DRAW MORE HAPPY THINGS.

I hope you like it.
And waif, I hope you're ready for the feels.

Elia belongs to QueenOfDorkdom and me


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